The Whole Shebang!


Shebang is made by Bedrock Wine Company and is a wine crafted from a blend of declassified Syrah, Petite Syrah, and Zinfandel from Bedrock Wine Co. It’s a wine that is meant to be the perfect compliment to pizza, pasta, burgers or whatever is on the table.  This wine is made by Master of Wine Morgan Twain-Peterson, who’s informing impulse behind Shebang is to create a wine that is long on deliciousness and low on pretense. This is done by vinifying the wines with the same care and love as the higher end Bedrock wines: picking at respectable sugar levels (not too high!), using only native yeast fermentations, and a trace of good French oak to round things out. This hearty, full-bodied wine is packed with robust, dark-berry flavors and spiced lightly with oak.