Atilantico Nortico Alvarinho

By Nortico

Alvarinho is the Portuguese name for the more commonly known Spanish varietal Albariño, grown just north of the Spain/Portugal border in the Spanish region of Galacia.

Notico Alvarinho is a superb example of the grape's hallmark traits: fresh citrus, peach and tropical aromas paired with clean, juicy fruit and vibrant minerality. Here, on the
south bank of the Minho River, farming is as it was centuries ago, with the grapes planted on granite pergolas in plots so small they are called “jardins”-or “gardens” in Portuguese. This humble yet serious wine showcases the best of northern Portugal’s commitment to artisan production in all things. This is a fresh white wine with the characteristic bright acidity and aromas of peach and grapefruit. This is a terrific seafood wine, particularly with salty, fattier dishes like fish tacos or broiled oysters.