Berto Ross da Travaj Red Vermouth 1L

By Berto

Made in accordance with a historic Quaglia family recipe which dates back to 1930. Made and aged in stainless steel tanks.

We drink sweet red vermouth in a short glass mixed with ice, a slice of squeezed orange and a couple dashes of bitters. This Vermouth has a unique bitterness and we don’t add any bitters.

Clear garnet color. Because we have added fresh squeezed orange there was a substantial orange aroma, but the vermouth adds whiffs of almond, apricot, anise and citrus. A soft and silky mouthfeel with a mixture of flavors including citrus, licorice, sweet spices and a unique bittersweet jolt as the liquid slides through the palate. The flavors continue through a long finish and a lingering aftertaste that’s a perfect combination of sweetness and bitterness. Absolutely delicious and a FANTASTIC value!!!