Bruno Verdi Sangue di Guida Paradiso


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The Verdi family can trace its viticultural origins back 7 generations to the 18th century, when Antonio Verdi came from Parma to settle in the Oltrepò Pavese. The original farm was founded on wheat and corn production, with mulberries were grown to feed silk- worms, and, of course, grapevines for viticulture. The estate is currently helmed by Paolo Verdi, who produces world class wines at their estate in Oltrepò Pavese.

 Sangue di Giuda, literally translating to The Blood of Judas, is a low-alcohol, sweet wine with a spritz. Its red fruit notes paired to refreshing acidity, gentle tannins, and slight mousse make it an ideal match for foods that most other wines struggle to complement. Perfect for Cajun foods, Sichuanese cuisine, or spicy sausages.