Camino de Navaherreros Blanco


In Bernabeleva, they work the vineyard with a respect for balance with nature.  The wines, produced from autochthonous varieties, show off differences in orientation, vegetation, altitude and soil of each locale. 

The Gredos Mountains are in Central Spain, west of Madrid and are one of those forgotten regions that are slowly reappearing on the wine world’s radar. There are lots of very old vineyards and old school wine making ripe for rediscovery and this wine is one of them!

The Vineyard: They own 35 hectares of old vines- mainly garnacha and albillo - with some moscatel de grano menudo and red morenillo.  Soils are tawny sands formed from decomposed granite rock, with relatively high acidity and limited amounts of nutrients.  Annual rainfall is around 628 mm per year.  The vineyards have different orientations and sizes, from 500 square meters to 3 hectares, on slopes, hillsides and foothills.  Soils are shallow on the higher plots, which are over 830 meters above sea level. This wine is crisp and light, very mineral driven with citrus on the palate.