Domaine Montvac Arabesque Vacqueyras 2019


Founded in 1860, Domaine de Montvac has been passed from mother to daughter for the past three generations. In Vacqueyras, the yields are low to provide maximum concentration. Subject to the Mistral winds, which cool the Rhone Valley by a few degrees for a third of the year, Cécile Dusserre’s small plot of vines is lined with pine trees that help protect vines from Mistral gusts. And while these cooler temps help keep the vines free of humidity, and thereby free of disease, they also helps concentrate the grapes.Balance in elegance. The harmony of this wine’s flavors is underscored by the complementary match of its three varieties: Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre. It has an elegantly fine structure. It first exudes presence, then rounded style and a lingering finish. A lion’s share of Grenache (70%) for a delicate structure and complex aromas of fruits, spice and sometimes liquorice too. Syrah (25%) for its color, richness and tannins. And Mourvèdre (5%) for the aromatic persistence it generates on the palate and its mellow, slow-ripening tannins.