Fossil and Fawn Pet Nat 2020


Winemaker's Notes:
"After years of wearing him down, Jenny finally convinced Jim to make a sparkling wine in 2019, as a collabo-experiment with our friends at Portland’s Sorta Summer House. In 2020, we decided that yeah, we are serious about this bubbly wine biz (as serious as we are about anything), and leveled-up the blend to an electric mix of 21% Niagara and 79% Riesling. Fermented dry, the result is explosively floral and fruity with memorable grape Hi-Chew aroma from the Niagara, and juicy fresh lemonade-like acid and length from the Riesling. Made in the pétillant-naturel style, we bottled it up at the end of harvest to capture the last moments of primary fermentation and the carbon dioxide bubbles that comes with it. Like all of our wines, this is made with wild yeast, and is unfiltered and unfined. With no added sulfur, this is also what the kids would call a “zero-zero” wine. Although direct-pressed, the color is undeniably reminiscent of Tang, the astronaut’s drink of desire (though astronauts also desire pizza, naturally)."