Gota Azahar Vinho Verde

By Gota

Natalia Jessa arrived in Portugal from Poland by way of Ireland where her experience as a buyer and student of wine gave her a macro point of view on the world of buying and selling wine. A subscriber to the “drink it, don’t overthink it” mantra, Natalia saw the undiscovered potential in many Portuguese wine regions, and knew she could make wines that over delivered in every sense. The mission of Gota Wines is to showcase the top regions of Portugal, and Natalia works closely with small growers to make authentic expressions of each region using only local varieties. Azahar Vinho Verde is a Loureiro-based blend of several varietals from an organically farmed vineyard close to the Atlantic Ocean. Vinho Verde is clearly unique in the world. From the evergreen region, where the temperatures are never too high, rainfall on the 1500mm average and high humidity, around 30 thousand small growers take care of their small plots of land where beside the grapes kiwi is grown. This example comes from vineyards 15km close to Atlantic. Those conditions create acidic but subtle, fresh and fruity wines, and Azahar is the perfect example of what the region is capable of. Bright and lively with delicate orange blossom aromas, green fruit flavors and vibrant minerality.