Hiyu Cornus 2018

By Hiyu

“Most of the vines from this field-blend are “Pinot Fin”, the clusters are small, open and there is a preponderance of millerandage. The yields are tiny and the wine is paler in color, more aromatic, finer and much longer finishing than previous Pinot’s made on the site from Dijon clones. We typically only produce 300 liters of wine – one barrel – from the parcel.”

Grapes: field blend of all Burgundian varieties, primarily Pinot Noir (over thirty different heirloom clones)

Vineyard: one of four small parcels within “The May”. It’s located above the pond just east of Hypericum, below Crataegus and to the west of Moon Dog. 

Making of: fermented in a conical, open-top wood vat with whole clusters, untouched until treading by foot in the days just prior to pressing. It’s pressed in a small wooden ratchet press directly to barrel where it aged on the lees untouched. Bottled by hand via gravity directly from the cask.

Personality: pale color, refined aroma, delicate strutcure and long finish. -Nate Ready, Winewizard