Hiyu Espina 2


“Espina” means thorn in Spanish, referring to the rosehips that participate in this wild multi-fruit, multi-vintage blend!

Fruit: Pinot Gris grapes, heirloom Pears, Plum, Blackberry, Elderberry, Rosehip

Vineyard: composed of three different hedgerow- and forest garden-based wines, all wild-grown (unsprayed and unpruned) on the Hiyu farm

Making of: multi-vintage wine in a “solera” style, the oldest being 2017. Each year, the base wine is made by fermenting the pressed Pinot Gris grapes and pressed pears. Next, the plums, blackberries, and elderberries are added to the wine–these ferment whole on the skins for several days, before pressing a second time to continue the fermentation in barrels. Near the end of the fermentation, the reserve wine from the previous year is added; a portion of this is blend is bottled and left to finish the fermentation in bottle as “pet-nat”, while another portion is barreled back down and infused with the later ripening winter berries (and used the following harvest). No SO2 was added at any point.

Personality: wild but intriguing, as its origins suggest. Hazy dark orange color, intense aroma of violets, all the fruit involved, roses and more. Tart acidity, light fizz, and low ABV (8%) make it really easy to drink. -Nate Ready, Winewizard