Hiyu Tzum Sean Nos Spring Ephemeral 2022

By Hiyu

Sean Nós means “in the old way” and the name can be used to refer to various ancient or traditional activities. Grapes: Canary Islands-inspired field blend of Pink Negramoll, Listan Negro, Malvasia Fina, Mission, Palomino & Babosa Negro.

“It is equal parts red, white and pink grapes. By mixing grapes of many colors it allows us to arrive at a translucent strawberry pink by a winemaking pathway that would be impossible with a grape of a single color. We’re able to ferment the wine to dryness on the skins while retaining a very pale color and all the aromatic delicacy this entails. In one sense this is an expansion of the wines color and textural palette, but more powerfully it allows us to experience the wine as different colors in different moments. It is a step further than “orange wine” in this sense. In one moment it can feel like an exotic and intoxicatingly floral white and just seconds later it will have transitioned into a more bloody and sanguine mode, this feeling might last for an instant before the sensation shifts again as if each grape was taking a turn revealing a different aspect of the site.” -Hiyu