Iruai Mineral Range Chardonnay 2020


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Iruai Winery (“ear-oo-eye” … the artist formerly known as Methode Sauvage) was started in 2013 by Chad and Michelle Westbrook Hinds in Berkeley, CA as a traveling natural wine project, before laying down roots in the mythical Shasta-Cascade mountains of Siskiyou County. Trading in the urban winery hustle for the vigneron life, we are exploring avant garde vineyard planting and rehabilitation techniques using the permaculture methods laid out by Masanobu Fukuoka.

Don't call this California Chardonnay 'Cougar Juice' ... unless of course you're refering to the ACTUAL COUGARS roaming the slopes of the Trinity Alps where these grapes were grown! A rare alpine expression of the variety in California, 'Mineral Range' Chardonnay channels the rocky acidity from the cool climate of the Shasta-Trinity wilderness. A savage Spring and Fall bookends a generous Summer, conjuring white flowers, ripe apples, and a round texture. Notes: heirloom apple, chamomile, meyer lemon, sage leaf.