Little James Basket Press Rouge


In the heart of the appellation Gigondas, Château de Saint Cosme is an exceptional estate with roots going back to the Gallo-Roman times - they still have the ancient fermentation vats preserved on their property! They have 15 hectares of estate fruit under vine in the shadow of the Dentelles de Montmirail, a small mountain chain in Provence. Because of the proximity to the mountains, and being located on two faults, the soil content is very diverse. Little James' Basket Press is 100% Grenache. What makes this Grenache so cool is that it comes from a Solera that was started in 1999. Solera is a process of aging a fermented substance through a series of vessels, and is used in winemaking, beer brewing (in Sweden,) and Scotch distillation. Solera wines are always nonvintage (NV) but each wine produced contains a measurable amount from each of the vintages produced. How it works: a fraction of the oldest barrel is taken, bottled, and sold. The next oldest barrel is then used to top off the oldest barrel, and the succession of topping off continues to the youngest barrel (for example a series of 3 barrels constantly producing and aging) which is filled with the current year's production. This fractal aging means that there will always be a portion of the oldest established vintage in barrel. What does it mean for this wine? Winemaker Louis wants to make a consistent and accessible Grenache for people to love and become familiar with, which we think he accomplishes with flying colors.  Ripe with red fruit notes: cherries, strawberry preserves, baking spice of ginger and gingerbread.