Luberri Rioja Seis 2021

By Luberri

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Luberri Seis is one of the most charming, iconic wines of Rioja, a triumph of making the difficult task of making consistently delicious wines look easy. Florentino Monje’s goal with Seis is to create a wine from tempranillo that expresses the truth and gastronomy of his native Basque region, a wine that makes people happy. Seis is a simple wine that is not simple at all. Florentino became famous for resurrecting and perfecting the traditional style of semi-carbonic, whole-cluster maceration of tempranillo that is historic to Rioja Alavesa and utilized in Seis. This style of fermentation dates back more than two hundred years in the region before the changes that came with the arrival of phylloxera and the importation of French winemaking techniques.