Maloof Scrambled Sticks Ribolla Gialla Anfora


Anise, chamomille and clove aromas at first sniff, followed by orange and peach skins. Very aromatic and savory/herbal on the nose, with a slight funk. However the palate is very juicy and refreshing, with all of those aromatic notes still there, just more subtle, with the addition of some tannin. Almost like drinking an iced tea blend. Pair this with any Asian cuisine, especially a spicy sesame noodle.

Winemaker’s Notes: “This is a happy accident and fun lesson in top grafting. When you are collecting plant material for grafting, you are essentially picking up sticks off the ground, which at the time all look the same. There was a little over an acre at Johan that was attempted to be grafted to Ribolla Gialla, however was inadvertently grafted to 30% of a second variety, Tocai Friulano. This fun mishap wasn’t as easy or clean as walking the rows once fruit started to ripen saying “oh hey there’s a Ribolla plant, and there’s a Tocai plant,” as most of the vines have multiple grafting points. We decided to embrace the mistake and pick it all together as a field blend, thus the Scrambled Sticks name.”