Milziade Antano Grechetto


​This wine is a perfect example of why we love natural wines. This “fattoria,” or farm in Italian, has been making wine the old school way since 1975. In his native Umbria, they refer to him as a “garage winemaker,” using low intervention, and no high-tech winemaking techniques. The grapes are grown organically, and are maintained by limiting yields (known as green harvesting), where vines are thinned by removing bunches of fruit so that the remaining bunches receive more nutrients from the vine. Grechetto is an indigenous Italian varietal, with a fuller body and pretty high in acid. There are some really pretty yellow floral notes, as well as ripe citrus, white peach, and some sea shells. This wine would pair great with mussels or clams, or even a nice tuna steak.