Octavin Zerlina


A field blend of Trousseau and Pinot Noir from Alice's En Curon vineyard, her touch here is all too clear. The grapes were given just a gentle extraction, resulting in a delicate, perfumed wine that sings with life. There are few people making wine as unique as Alice and we could not be happier that she does things her own way.

Alice Bouvot is the proud proprietor of 5 hectares of vines in the Arbois region of the Jura. Alice started her domaine in 2005 with just 2 hectares and over the years have bought small plots and slowly increased their production. Some of our favorite winery visits are with Alice and her adorable sons. On top of her warmth, the vineyards are equally as vibrant. L’Octavin is now Demeter biodynamic certified and she works to convey this message to the fullest. Wild grasses, weeds, insects, and animals all have a place in their vines creating a true ecosystem that gives a deeper meaning to each glass of her wine.