Partida Creus MUZ Vermouth


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Vermouth 100% natural, made from certified organic grapes. Massimo uses the following formula as base: 1 red barrel, 1 young red and 1 oxidized white. Varieties often change, Massimo elaborates by tasting what he has in the current aging to maintain a regular style. Subsequently it macerates in a neutral alcohol, for 2 moons, with a mixture of herbs from a herbalist friend in Torino. The origin of the recipe comes from the herbalist's great-grandfather, Mr. Carpano, who created the blend back in 1870. After the maceration, the liquor blended with the base wine is mixed in, along with some additional parts of sugar. A delicious sipping Vermouth to have over the rocks with (or without) a splash of soda water. Balanced in bitter-sweetness that makes a great compliment to cocktails as well.