Pattes Loup Chablis Vent d'Ange 2018


Domaine Pattes Loup is one of the most exciting estates to emerge from Chablis in recent years (Pattes Loup means "wolf paws"). In 2005,Thomas Pico inherited 2.4 hectares of vines from his family’s estate, which historically produced correct, but uninspiring wines. Motivated to take a qualitative leap in a new direction, and against the wishes of his father, Thomas immediately began a program of strict yield control and a conversion to organic viticulture. This is a rarity in Chablis and a feat of extreme diligence in this often inhospitable vinegrowing region.

Progressively, Pico has taken over more and more of his father's vines. Today, the estate comprises 15 hectares of vineyards, all carefully and organically farmed. He is experimenting with a rotation of cover crops to both protect against erosion, increase water retention, and increase microorganisms in his soils.

Another distinguishing factor is Pico's commitment to hand-harvesting, followed by hand sorting of any imperfect berries on a vibrating triage table at the winery. He ferments all wines using indigenous yeasts, does a minimum 14-16 month élévage, sometimes longer depending on the cuvées and vintages, and he bottles without fining and filtration. This wine from 55+ year old vines and up to 40% of the juice is fermented in concrete eggs with the balance in stainless steel. For a young winemaker, Pico is wise beyond his years. His drive and passion to express the soul and spirit of his land reminds us of icons like Anselme Selosse. These wines are the essence of “Chablis,” but not only in their briny minerality. There is a sense of vitality to the wines, and a textured density that can only come from dedicated work in the vineyards and transparent winemaking.

For organically grown Burgundy Chardonnay, this wine is a great value and would taste fabulous with a seafood tower extravaganza.