Selbach Incline Dry Riesling 2019


The Selbachs have been making wine for 400 years. Nowadays, Johannes Selbach remains Riesling's driving force in the Mosel region of Germany. On 60 acres of land in the Middle Mosel, Selbach crafts every style of Riesling from dry to super sweet. Incline refers to the gradient of the steep slate vineyards, but it should also refer to Riesling's popularity. Johannes created Incline as a way to reach even more drinkers with a dry Riesling, proving that it can be a wine for everyday drinking just like Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, and Chard. Medium-bodied, dry. Fermented and aged in steel, Incline is fresh and crisp with notes of green melon, apples, and minerals. A tiny bit of residual sugar balances the finish. Pair with Asian fare, spicy foods, schnitzels, and sausage.