Martha Stoumen Post Flirtation Red 2021


From Martha:

"Tasting Notes: This wine tastes like a lively hibiscus agua fresca with notes of orange peel and juicy pomegranate. A kitchen chameleon and a balanced blend, Carignan brings savory flavors while juicy Zinfandel brings sweet spices like clove and cinnamon.

Enjoy With: Any taco you can dream up. This wine gets along with colorful plates like lamb kebabs with crushed tomatoes over saffron rice, BBQ chicken with pomegranate molasses, and labneh with fresh herbs.

Drink When: An impromptu happy hour has started in your kitchen – snacks, laughter, and light Italian disco start playing out of nowhere. If you’re about to dive into your favorite takeout or just need some California love, reach for this bottle."