Villa Wolf Dry Riesling 2021


Although many grape varieties do well in the Pfalz, Riesling is still the most important and the most widely planted. This medium-bodied dry Riesling has lovely flavors of peach and stone, with a hint of apricot. Nicely balanced acidity gives it a juicy grip. It is an excellent match for classic continental-style cooking, especially with dishes that feature freshwater fish, chicken, and pork.

In the Pfalz, 2019 began warm and dry, turning hot and drier in summer. Ripening of the fruit proceeded rapidly, so we began harvest a bit early, at the beginning of September. Due to the lack of water, the grapes were small, with hard, dense skins. This gave nice concentration and powerful aromatics to the fruit, but the yields were rather low. Excellent ripeness and high acidity give the wines freshening depth with brilliant structure.