Vini Di Giovanni Vermentuzzo Vermentino


Giovanni Battista Mesina was born in Sardegna, close to where Gallura and its famous Vementino is made, but grew up almost entirely in Umbria.  The family business has always primarily been raising sheep.  To this day, on their hilltop homestead, Giovanni and his family raise over 1000 sheep.  They produce milk, cheese and wool as well as pasture-raised meat.  The hilltop hamlet of Pianello, just east of Perugia, is where Giovanni's farm is. The vineyard land is tiny, as of 2017 only 3 hectares total.  Plans to expand to an eventual 6-8 hectares are in the works for the future. Being Sardinian, Giovanni has a love for his native white grape, Vermentino. 2 days on the skins, stainless steel, no sulfur additions.