Woodford Reserve Masters Collection Five Malt Stouted Mash Malt Whiskey


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In Kentucky, a fermented grain mash is traditionally called “distiller’s beer”. Distillation converts this “beer” into a spirit that will become a “Whiskey” once barreled. This Master’s Collection is Woodford's take on crafting a spirit that exhibits the flavors of a classic beer style, in this case a rich, roasted malty stout.

Nose: Dusky notes of roasted malt, toasted nuts all sweetened with hints of milk chocolate and brightened with a touch of orange zest, spearmint and warm baking spices. Oak, cherry cobbler and shortbread round out the malt and barrel influence.  

Palate: Malty with toasted hazelnut and cocoa highlights atop a layer of baked fruit, crisp spice and zest bounce about the depths.  

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