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Wine is our passion at Winkler & Samuels.  We stock a selection of the best wines from around the world, unparalleled to any wine store in Buffalo.  Whether you need help choosing the perfect wine or already know exactly what you’re looking for,  visit us at our retail store, conveniently located in Downtown Buffalo at the beautiful 500 Seneca St. building.

Small Producers – Terroir Driven Wines
Terroir is a term derived from French winegrowers that is used to describe how fruit from their vines are a unique reflection of the geography, topography, soil and climate of their appellation. Loosely translated it means a “sense of place” At Winkler & Samuels we believe that truly wonderful wines are a perfect representation of a time, a place and the people that produce a snapshot of a specific moment. A truly great wine is a like a person on a hill saying this is who I am. Wine is one of the few beverages that can tell you when it came from, who made it, what that specific moment in time was like at that specific moment in time.
We want wines with a soul. We do not support industrial made wines, we support family owned wineries. We think that these wineries get lost a lot of the time in large wine shops. We want to take the small producer and give them the respect they deserve. We want to take the small producer and put them on a pedestal.
I come from a family that believed in this principal, in supporting a family owned farm that we will all benefit. This belief is behind every wine decision we make.  We want to get back to basics, back to what makes wine more than just a beverage, it’s a singular moment in time captured. Galileo Galilei once said “Wine is sunlight, held together by water” Wine is not something that should be produced in a factory, it is alive, and truly great wine is made by people with heart and soul.
We all can’t travel to the places where these amazing wines are made, but in experiencing a wine with a soul is to know what life was like at the moment it was produced.
We believe in allowing wine to reach its full potential. We invested in the best wine racks, to allow the cork to be moist at all time. We invested in a humidity and climate controlled room, to preserve wine until it is at the right moment to be enjoyed. We are investing in the future of these small family wineries because we believe in supporting the little guy. Its local, but a global kind. A local winery in Italy France Spain.

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