Halloween is coming up, and we love pairing wines with candy!
Fruity Candy with light crisp whites, like Sauvignon Blanc
The fruitiness of Sauvignon Blanc is fantic with fruity candy like skittles, gummy bears, and starbursts!
White Chocolate Chardonnay
Creamy and rich white chocolate is lovely with chardonnay. A round rich chardonnay is lovely with a big California Chard.
Peanut Butter, pairs with Pinot
When it comes to pairing, its good to think about the wright of the wine with the candy. A light bodied wine is lovely with a rich milk chocolate peanut butter cup.
Dark Chocolate with Big Reds like Cabernet Sauvignon
The rich robust aromas and flavors in dark chocolate are great with Caberent Sauvignon. A lot of Cabs are aged in oak, which impart aromas of clove and spice on the wine, pair an oak aged Cab with dark chocolate!
Mint chocolate with Red Blends
The bold flavor of peppermint requires a bold wine for its flavor pairing, so a south of France red blends is what you’re looking for. Red Blends are a jammy red wine, with hints of licorice or black pepper flavors, giving it a really bold and dense flavor.


October 27, 2022 — Melissa Winkler