If you’ve talked to me for all of 5 minutes you’ll know I love to talk about good and wine pairing. Having the right wine with the right food changes the over all experience.

Lately I’ve had an obsession with baking bread, and pairing it with wines I love. This week I’ve made some homemade focaccia and paired it with a new wine we just got in the shop, a Zweiglt (z-v-eye-gelt) from Austria. The recipe is relatively easy and the wine pairs lovely with it.

I at first was very intimidated by baking bread, but if you follow the ingredients to the exact amount. (This is hard for me because even with the first time cooking a new recipe I like to make changes.) baking bread is easy, it’s just very much a waiting game.

And in reality all of my bread baking comes from a want to procrastinate. I’m currently working on my WSET level 4 diploma and baking bread is one of the steps I using to study. Haha, very funny right? But I usually like to really dive deep into studying, and use bread baking as a way to relax on my off time between studying, work, life, as a way to find another focus and kind of let my mind wander.

So this week I studied about Sherry and made focaccia. Check out the recipe below and the wine I paired with it.

Most weeks I try and pair the wines I study with regular cuisines as a way to put the product in context. But this week I was craving focaccia and a red. So next week the pairing will make much more sense in the wine study goal but this week the recipe was about having fun!

Heinrich Zweigelt $20

Focaccia Recipe

April 28, 2023 — Melissa Winkler