Canned Cocktails

Tip Top offers prepared classic cocktails that hit on all the notes of traditional recipes, allowing modern drinkers a balanced beverage whenever and wherever. All 3 $6
Rye Whiskey, Sweet Vermouth, Bitters
This one is the sophisticated extrovert. Sure, it’s spirit-forward, but still refreshing. The Manhattan is bold and spices things up with its peppery bite. With each sip comes a little more truth and a little more confidence to speak it.
Tasting Notes: Herbaceous spicy profile with dark cherry and cinnamon undertones.
Old Fashioned:
The Old Fashioned is the original cocktail. It’s as classic as it gets and, when done right, it’s the mark of a master. You want to taste the bourbon, followed by a hint of sweet orangey citrus and rounded out at the finish with the warming spice of bitters.
Tasting Notes: Vanilla, citrus and caramel on the palate going into a stone fruit and spice finish.
Gin, Red Bitters, Sweet Vermouth
If you like Negronis, you probably actually love Negronis. It’s just that kind of drink. Bittersweet and boozy. A high wire balancing act that would only be attempted by three bold ingredients such as these. This red-hued classic is unmistakable, even at a quick glance, and especially once you’ve had your first sip.
Tasting Notes: Bright orange and grapefruit with fresh juniper and a juicy, yet bitter, finish.
April 08, 2022 — Melissa Winkler
Tags: Cocktails