Piandaccoli Chianti


The estate began with the cultivation of vineyards by monks in 1100, before the phylloxera epidemic that hit Europe in the mid-nineteenth century wiped out the indigenous varietals present in Tuscany. Piandaccoli emerges in 1950 with the production of Chianti, but it was the vision of Dr. Giampaolo Bruni that set the stage for this incredible winery's future. He collaborated with the University of Florence, using DNA testing on grapes found in the Medici tombs, to reintroduce autochthonous varietals prevalent during the Italian Renaissance.

100% Sangiovese, showing a floral nose with cherry and strawberries, enriched with a sprinkle of laurel and saffron. On the palate it melts in a soft embrace of fruit and velvet, well balanced and elegant.