Azienda Agricola Camparo Diano Dolcetto d'Alba


Camparo has been dedicated to wine-growing for three generations, and they do it with passion, following a production philosophy that has always been founded on the values of natural management of the soil and the uncompromising wholesomeness of the winemaking process. In the year 2000 Mauro harnessed these intrinsic values by taking the major step of obtaining “organic farming” certification and becoming one of the first in the Langhe to opt for this production philosophy.

100% Dolcetto, this wine is intense ruby red, with slightly spicy and vinous aromas of wild berries and cherries. Velvety, soft and full-bodied on the palate, with a typical almond aftertaste. This is one of the Langhe’s historic wines, so it goes wonderfully with local dishes as well as others, such as tagliatelle with meat sauce, filled pastas, charcuterie, boiled meats, poultry and semi-hard cheeses.