Alta Gradazione Amario


Alta Gradazione was born out of the passion of four young guys for drinking quality liqueurs and a desire to create and experiment new tastes.

The project was started in Rome, Giacomo was the first to take the big step, he quit his job in a famous big consulting company and threw himself headlong into the new project: in 2017 Alta Gradazione, the “artisan liquor production company”, was born.

Bitter liqueur, with a sharp, dry, and woody character. More than twenty selected roots and herbs. Rhubarb and gentian stand out, together with the strength of absinthe and the freshness of eucalyptus. Cardamom is persistent and galangal is the finishing touch, with a discreet sweetness which culminates in the spicy and pungent notes of pepper and ginger. It gets its amber colour from molasses.