Amaro dell'Etna 120 Anniversary Riserva


This celebratory limited edition bottle represents a family past-time of it’s special recipe of authentic herbs & aromatic plants from 1901. Created & matured at the base of Mt. Etna this 120 th Anniversary recipe is matured for 12 months in precious & authentic Etna Chestnut wood barrels. This dynamic maturation that occurs in the chestnut tonneau characterizes the liqueur which imparts a unique bitter note typical
of Etna Chestnut wood that embodies the fullness of our beloved volcanic profile.
Amaro Del’ Etna 120 th Anniversary Riserva is available in 1 liters only & will be an annual limited release to represent over 120 years of family tradition from the tables of Sicily to Amaro afficionados & collectors.

Best enjoyed neat or on the rocks, or to amplify your cocktail experience from the classics to the contemporary.