Argiolas Perdera Monica 2020


Agricolas is a winery on the Southern portion of the island of Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean. The winery was established in 1938 and works only with indigenous varieties. This is 100% Monica, a grape grown exclusively in Sardinia. Monica is widely planted on the island, and is very popular to enjoy there, noted for its fruity qualities without being too weighty on the palate. Because of the stony nature of the island (perdera in the name meaning literally, “place of many stones”) there is also good minerality and we’re also finding influence of the sea. Because of the lower tannins, this would be an ideal red to pair with grilled tuna or salmon, not an easy feat to accomplish with red wine. Local custom is to serve the wine chilled in the summer and pair with porchetta; roast or grilled pork loin would substitute nicely as summer relinquishes its grip and cooler weather takes hold.