Bedrock Heritage Evangelho Vineyard 2022


Over the course of thousands of years, granitic sand was deposited on the edge of the Sacramento River Delta in an area that stretches from the eastern edge of Antioch to the far side of Oakley. Over 130 years ago, people started planting grapevines, almonds, apricots, and other fruit in these deep, well-drained sands. In 1936, Manuel Evangelho purchased some of these grapevines, which he farmed his entire life before passing them to his son Frank. Frank farmed the vineyard with care and a rough-hewn tenderness until passing the torch to us in 2017. He passed away not long after, but I know he would be proud of the way the vineyard looks, the wines coming from it, and its growing reputation.A Blend of mostly Zinfandel, Mataro, Carignan with small amounts of Alicante Bouschet, Grand Noir, Mission, Palomino and even a single, ancient Clairette Blanche vine.