Poderi Cellario E Grino


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Made from the little-known Grignolino grape, this light red wine is made for drinking not meditation. That is, however, not to say that great care was not taken in the making of this little gem: hand harvested organic grapes are spontaneously fermented, sulfur additions are kept to an absolute minimum and neither fining nor filtration are employed. Cranberry-hued, translucent, and just a shade or two darker than rosé (the skin of Grignolino contains little pigment), E! Grino is the paragon of a light-drinking red and surprisingly versatile for even chillier climes. Warm and peppery spices simmer behind a medley of soft red berries and a mild hint of herbs, flowers and minerals. One might easily put it in the "natural" category of wine, as it ticks all the boxes, but more importantly it is just plain tasty. Achingly fresh, it is honestly scary how quickly this liter disappears around the dinner table or on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Try it lightly chilled with some pizza!