Day Wines Lemonade 2022


2022 Lemonade is back, first appearing in the 2020 vintage as the result of wildfire damaged fruit (see below). Notes on this year's Lemonade: Bright and floral with nuances of strawberry, grapefruit and candied cherry blossom.

2020 has been a year full of challenges for everyone. For winemakers in Oregon that was true for our harvest as well, which was full of hurdles; from keeping our teams healthy during a pandemic to rethinking how wines were made because of impact from wildfires. The 2020 Lemonade came about as a result, a pivot away from a plan to make a Willamette Valley red Pinot, but an unwillingness to back out on growers. The fruit was grown at two organically farmed sites, by two women vineyard owners, at Finnigan Hill and Nemarniki vineyards in Chehalem Mountains AVA. When it looked certain that smoke would impact the wine if it was fermented on skins, we quickly decided to press the fruit off and make it in a white wine style. Racy and fruity, with candied cherry blossoms, strawberries, grapefruit, and flinty minerality.