Domaine Eugene Carrel Et Fils Jongieux White


Domaine Eugene Carrel is located in the village of Jongieux, in the northern part of the Savoie region, at the beginnings of the French Alps. It is situated about 40 miles southwest of Geneva, in between the upper Rhone River (near its start) and Lake Bourget, France's largest lake. The Jongieux vineyards are very steep, southwest-facing slopes created by ancient glaciers. The altitude is between 400 and 500 meters, yet the microclimate is very warm. The ideal clay-limestone slopes of the Jongieux appellation allow the grapes to ripen more fully than in any other Savoy regions, due to 2-3 hours more sun daily. Lovely fruit notes of citrus and pear on the palate meet a bright, juicy acidity and an incredibly mineral finish- like drinking cool water from a stony stream.