Friend & Farmer Verdejo


Francisco, Javier, and Luis Parra want to be the best friends and farmers they can be. The intention was to do homage to their La Mancha ancestry by growing organic and biodynamic grapes. They worked with Bodegas Ponce's legendary winemaker Juan Antonio Ponce on the winemaking for Friend and Farmer, Hand Work, and Gulp/Hablo. Two vineyards in the Las Mesas area are owned and managed by the Parra brothers. The river bed of Entresendas has long since dried up. These deep, alluvial soils are perfect for growing grapes because they reflect sunlight, retain warmth, and drain excess water. Olla del Monte, the other vineyard, is best described by its alternative name, Cuesta Colorá, which means the colored slope. The chalky clay and pebbles that cover this gentle slope absorb and radiate the sun's heat, making it a welcome refuge from the cold desert nights. The minerality and clean, oak-free finish of this crisp white wine are notable qualities.