Hiyu Tzum Eventyr 2022

By Hiyu


Nate on this wine: “This is from a small parcel of Albarino at the rain forest’s edge, in the coolest part of the gorge. It’s always the last block we harvest. Even in a warm vintage, the wine retains surreal levels of acidity and the aromatics are correspondingly intense.

Making of: The grapes were hand-picked the first week of November, then macerated in upright wood vats for 9 days. Just as the fermentation was ready to take-off, the grapes were pressed into a large wooden upright for the primary duration of the fermentation process. After the sugar was consumed, the wine was pressed into barrel, where it continued to ferment for another 6 months.

Personality: “Honey and the Flowers from an Alpine meadow, but also mango and a patisserie at dawn. This wine always tastes more like dry GG Riesling than Albarino and this vintage takes the feeling to baroque heights held in only by the wines ultimately Alpine identity. Culture: The alluring glow of southern light invading the darkest recesses of the cathedral.”