Ilha Do Pico Acores Terras de Lava Bianco


Situated on the volcanic island of Pico, this cooperative is the largest and oldest winery in the Azores. This isn’t any run-of-the-mill cooperative either, but a high-level artisan winery using grapes from the local growers (like another volcanic-island cooperative you may have heard of). In fact, the wines have long had an international reputation – it’s reported that in 1917, bottles of Verdelho do Pico were found in the cellar of Czar Nicolas II! The vines are grown on small volcanic black rocks (biscoitos) and surrounded by stone walls called currais. The rocks heat up in the sun, helping the grapes ripen, while the walls protect the vineyards from the elements. The Azores, an island chain in the middle of the Atlantic, has what you might call an “extreme maritime climate.” And of course, Mount Pico is always visible in the background. This dormant volcano (last eruption 1970) is Portugal’s highest point. Crisp and briny with aromas
of tropical fruits, bright citrus, and savory herbs. Fresh and mineral on the palate with a lingering salty finish. 70% Arinto dos Açores; 30% combined Fernão Pires, Verdejo, Moscatel