Jean-Francois Malsert Saint Joseph 2021


As owner of the once popular wine bar Carafes en Folie in Tournon-sur-Rhone, Jean-François aka “Jeff” was a devoted supporter and drinker of naturally-farmed and -produced wines from the Rhône Valley and beyond. Following stints working in Australia, New Zealand and France, Jean-François took over a small plot of Syrah planted by his grandfather in the appellation of Saint Joseph. Today his small farm extends to 5.8 hectares, which he cares for with steadfast dedication. His organic regimen calls for treatments with herbal teas of horsetail and nettle, and he aims for the minimum (judicious) use of copper and sulfur. In the cellar the wines ferment with indigenous yeast in a combination of demi-muids and amphoras, there is no fining nor filtration, and little or no sulfur is used in vinification (just at the bottling).