Nassau Single Malt Straight Whisky

By Nassau

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Nassau Single Malt Straight Whisky is handcrafted in the old German distillery & distillery "Henrich Habbel", founded in 1878. Since then, the distillery Henrich Habbel continues the tradition of producing handcrafted single malts with great attention to detail and taste.

From selected grains such as the Vienna and Munich malts, Nassau Whisky is double distilled in a copper pot still. Nassau Single Malt Straight Whisky with 40% alcohol by volume is bottled by hand in used bourbon and Jack Daniels barrels. In the period of 40 months Nassau Whisky reaches its perfect taste. With notes of honey and malt, Nassau Whisky gets a soft, long-lasting finish with a hint of smoke. Nassau Whisky flows into the glass in deep golden amber color. Produced in one of the best and oldest German whiskey distilleries & aged only in American Bourbon & Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey barrels for over 3 years aged. Kosher certified