Perez El Muelle Blanco


This wine comes from the Jerez region of Spain, and is made from the Palomino Fino grape, most commonly associated with Sherry. Although table wines are second fiddle to their fortified siblings, there is no less care taken in producing them. The organic grapes are hand harvested continually over 2 months, at their precisely perfect moment of ripeness. Then, 80% of the grapes are taken to ferment in stainless steel tanks (on their lees for 6 months), while the other 20% are left to ferment “asoleo.” This process is quite labor intensive, requiring the grapes to be laid out and dried in the sun, rotated by hand to ensure even drying. This process requires dry air and a lot of wind, which is perfect for the high elevation and sea breeze in Jerez. All of this care makes an interesting, distinctive, juicy white wine. We taste ripe tropical fruits, intense salty minerality, with a loooong finish.