Podere 29 Fiano


After WWII, returning soldiers were given plots of land to rebuild their lives with. Plot 29, generations later, gave birth to these organic vineyards along the northern coast of
Puglia. Giuseppe Marrano's love of his homeland, passed down from his father and
grandfather, is displayed in his convictions towards a natural and sustainable approach, utilizing biodynamic principals, all to celebrate the indigenous varietals of Puglia. A unique blend of four soils, dominated by clay and sand, allow these wines to express their native characteristics to be enjoyed by all.

This Organic Fiano shows intense aromas on the nose of white fruit with tropical scents. On the palate it highlights complexity thanks to its structure, acidity and aromatic richness that enhance breadth, length and depth. Pairs wonderfully with herbal cheeses, fish soup, smoked salmon, risotto with asparagus and shrimps, gnocchi with taleggio, sushi, fig and almond tart, marzipan