Podere Scopetone Sangiovese 2022


When the previous owner passed in 2009, it seemed that the love story born at Scopetone would end. But by luck, one of Scopetone’s caretakers was related to a young Montalcinese couple looking to start an estate of their own. Loredana Tanganelli and Antonio Brandi were keen to lease the historic Scopetone vineyards. The only condition was that they could farm the vineyards as long as they bottled their wines under the Scopetone label. What makes the wines from this area so special is that they are farmed on some of the oldest soil in Montalcino and on some select hill tops (Podere meaning hill in Italian.) This wine is 100% Sangiovese, Organically farmed. Ruby red in color with intense aromas of ripe red fruits. Full-bodied and balanced on the palate with a pleasant and persistent finish.