Speymhor 18 Year Single Malt Scotch


The extraordinary Speymhor is a collection of some of Scotland’s finest Single Malt Scotch Whiskies. It was established by the founding fathers of Glasgow Whisky, Graham Taylor and Stuart Hendry, to showcase and highlight not only the art of distilling and maturing Scotch, but also to highlight their preferred characteristics of Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Between them, Graham and Stuart have been working in the Scotch Whisky Industry for over 70 years and have amassed a formidable amount of knowledge and expertise of Scotch Whisky, not to mention the thousands of samples from over these seven decades. It has become a lifelong passion for both, and they wanted to share this through a Single Malt range that could not only satisfy the connoisseurs, but that could also welcome the newest of whisky drinkers. Many of the Single Malts in the aged Speymhor Collection are taken from distilleries located in the region of Speyside. In Gaelic (the ancient language of the Scots) “mhor” means “large” and so Speymhor refers really to the large River Spey.

Once experienced, never forgotten; that’s this whisky through and through. The majestic autumnal beauty of the secluded glens and the crystal-clear waters of the Cairngorms’ rivers give character to this wonderful 18 Year Old Single Malt. It’s exactly as we’d desired - being smooth, approachable and warming; so sit back, enjoy a wee dram, and experience what the distiller’s art has captured. Aged in traditional hogsheads, a combined European and American oak. It shows a rich and golden hue, the nose has hints of dried fruit and spices that engage the senses. The taste is soft and warm, guaranteed to capture and reward with a perfect finish of dark chocolate and late harvest fruits.