Stilianou Theon Gi Red


Giannis Stilianou and his teenage son tend to their 3 hectares of organic vineyards, planted only with indigenous Cretan varieties. There is no irrigation or any kind of spraying. The vines are stressed under the hot, Cretan Sun, and then cooled off by the mountain breeze. This shows in the impressive concentration and intense aromatics of the artisanal Stilianou wines. Giannis’ family emigrated to Crete after the last war between Greece and Turkey, a century ago, along with the rest of a Greek population wave, and brought with them many techniques of Asia Minor. Theon Gi is an organic aged blend of the two most quintessential red varieties of Crete, Kotsifali and Mandilari, in a rich and spicy wine, with powerful tannins. Vinification is done in stainless steel and aged in French oak barrel for 2 years.  Tasting Notes: Dark red, with spices and ripe dark fruits on the nose, and an austere, structured palate, with subtle dry and spicy fruit. Reminiscent of Nebbiolo from Piedmont in terms of texture, tannins, and aromatics but with a French oak presence on the palate.