Thomas Santamaria La Boutanche Red 1L


Corsica is a small island that's in every way technically French and simultaneously not at all. The influence of the island's isolated geography can be seen in everything from the Curso language to regionally specific cuisine, and more subtly in the way producers Santamaria never had to "transition" to organic farming because the mass production craze of the late 70's and on was rejected from the start.

Thomas is the 6th generation to take over the estate, which, over the years, has acquired 30 hectares of vines across the Oletta, Olmeta-di-Tuda, and St.-Florent communes on the island of Corsica planted in schist and limestone soils. Much like their neighbors at Clos Marfisi, previous generations had farmed in the traditional ways, and never gave into outside pressure in regards to using herbicides and pesticides, which unfortunately became common in the 1970s. Thomas has begun to take that a step further. He maintains strict organic farming principles, and is looking at biodynamic treatments as well as following the lunar cycle for all vineyard work.

A liter of Corsican Island red, composed of Grenache with a splash of Niellucciu (Nielluciu is a grape primarily grown in Corsica and a clonal variety of Sangiovese.) Loads of dark berry fruit, bright acid, and gentle tannins course through this electrifying red blend.