Veuve Dubarry Cuvee Prestige


Veuve Dubarry is a Traditional Method sparkling wine from France (or méthode traditionelle). This means that the wines went through a second fermentation in bottle to create its carbonation which also adds layers of complexity and body to the final wine. This cuvee is primarily Chardonnay based which results in a bright, crisp Brut style of sparkling wine. It is great as an aperitif or perfect as an accompaniment with cheese, shellfish or seafood and vegetables. The grapes for this wine were sources from several regions through out France to add complexity and balance. Grapes from Burgundy and Alsace add acidity and crisp mineral sensations while grapes from the warmer south of France contribute lush ripe fruit flavors to balance out this delicious blend. This French sparkling wine is a pretty lemon green color with aggressive bubbles. Aromas of yuzu, honeysuckle, green apple and pear. Nice acidity and dry, with a medium body.