Virgin Del Galir Mencia


The Virgen del Galir winery is located in Éntoma, a small village in Orense. The Galir Valley falls under the Valdeorras DO (designation of origin). The winery’s philosophy is to make wines that reflect the values of the land whilst respecting local traditions. This begins with the winery’s name, a tribute to Our Lady of Galir, the protector of the region’s vineyards. In recent years, several vineyards have been replanted and recovered in the Galir and Bibei Valleys to produce a complete range of villa (“terroir”), parcela (plot of land) and gran cru wines. The red wines are harvested from vines grown on granite soil, from plots in the Galir and Bibei Valleys. The nose shows intense aromas of red and predominantly black fruits accompanied by spicy, fresh and balsamic notes. The palate is balanced and complex, full bodied and with firm tannins. On the palate It is fresh, aromatic and concentrated with balsamic notes. The finish is long and driven by vibrant acidity. A perfect match for rice dishes, game or chocolate.